Attributes of an Individual Wishing to Undergo Psw Program

In today’s times, thanks to modern medicine, the longevity of life has increased. It has given people an opportunity to enjoy life to the maximum period possible; at the same time it has brought into focus the need for companionship and care-giving facilities to the aged. Besides the normal aged, those with physical disabilities or bound to bed patients also have to be taken care of. The increasing need for compassionate and skilled care-givers has made the career option of a personal support worker, a much sought after field, today.

Various colleges offer Personal support worker programs to train interested individuals through classroom training and the practical route. But, besides the professional training the individual has to be gifted with certain qualities which will ensure him success in his chosen career field. Listed below are some qualities which are a must-have for any individual wishing to take up the psw program.


Empathy: A support worker must be able to empathize with his client, understand his physical and mental state and offer words of warm encouragement.

Compassion: This is an essential trait of a good personal support worker. Handling the patients with tenderness will go a long way in building a comfortable relationship with the client.

Honesty and Trust: Honesty on the part of the support worker will invoke trust from the patient. The support worker has to be a person of highest integrity as he takes care of the patient in the security of his home.

Motivator: A motivator in true spirit can alone build the self-confidence and self-esteem of the patient. The support worker should be able to help the patient to help himself within the limitations of his physical and mental constraints.

Flexibility and Adaptability: The support worker encounters different hurdles or challenges in the course of his work every single day. He should be able to adapt to the new situations with equal enthusiasm and work positively with the patient to overcome them.

Problem Solving: A personal support worker should be able to think quickly and develop alternatives to solve every new problem that may be encountered in the course of his job.

Team Player: The support worker should be able to work as a part of the team and this can be achieved through excellent communication skills. He or she should be a good communicator with the patient and among his colleagues.

The personal support worker is entrusted with a tremendous responsibility of caring for his client and anyone who displays the above mentioned qualities is sure to go a long way in his career.