Breast Reconstruction – Hope for Cancer Patients

Many women who are treated for breast cancer with a mastectomy have never realized that breast reconstruction is an important practice that can act as alternative treatment. Women claim that they do not require additional surgery while others argue that breast surgery is not important to them. A larger percentage of women suffering from breast cancer lack access to breast cancer reconstruction because they are not aware that breast cancer reconstruction are an alternative. However women with breast cancer have no option of performing mastectomy. With time, they would never gain comfort with one breast. Women will therefore opt for more surgery to rebuild their breast shape.

Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction process can be done faster or it may be delayed. With immediate reconstruction, the surgeons often perform the first stage, a method known as skin-sparing. With delayed reconstruction of breast, the surgeon will always perform the first stage to rebuild the breast after the chest has healed from mastectomy.

One can also undergo immediate-delayed reconstruction which involves placing expander under the skin during the surgical process to preserve some space for the implant. The tissues removed are examined by the surgeons. If radiation therapy is not necessary, implants can be fixed in the space created by the expander under the skin. However, when further examination reveals out that the woman need therapy radiation, then her breast reconstruction can be delayed for some time.

Breasts are rebuilt using various breast implants such as Saline or Silicone and autologous tissues. Autologous tissues are those that are extracted from various body parts. Implants are placed under the skin and the chest muscle that is always created with an expander. The surgeon places an expander under the skin to create space for the implant. He then fills the space with implants after a woman heals from mastectomy.

In Analogous tissues reconstruction, some body tissue contains skin, fats or blood vessels. Sometimes muscles are taken from anywhere and fixed and used to rebuild the woman’s breast.