Choose Baby’s Gender with Mybubelly Method

Having a baby is the dream of many young couples. The joy is usually great when it happens, especially if it is the first child in the family. But there are also many couples that already have several kids, and in some cases, all of them belong to the same gender. For example, some families have two or three girls but desperately want to get a boy. They have not had luck so far and now search for a way to change the destiny.

If you belong to such family then you are at the right place. Read further and you will find out how to choose your baby’s gender with the MyBuBelly method. It is a natural way of coaching that enables all women to follow carefully¬† their cycles and PH. The method includes uniquely made cooking recipes, personalized instructions and a list of food supplements. And it is currently known as one of the most successful gender selection methods.

MyBuBelly Expert Medical Team

This program might also boost fertility. The MyBuBelly company has a large number of medical experts, including psychologists, gynecologist, nutritionists, and doctor. They are available to answer any potential question of their clients. Their instructions are usually very useful, and they are able to find solutions for various medical issues.

The MyBuBelly patients can communicate with them through various channels of communications, such as e-mail, online chat on the website, and text messages. Other important details and information come to their box office once in a month. There is also a personalized area on the MyBuBelly website, where future moms monitor cycles, teaching videos, and read instructions.

The implementing of the method needs to start before the pregnancy, and it lasts between three and six months. Through the MyBuBelly subscription, you have a complete access to all of its services. Also, the patients will receive a message how to renew the process every month. The payment is made monthly. That allows them to have stronger control over the method, and they can stop it whenever they want without spending unnecessary money.

How much costs MyBuBelly services

The subscription for the first three months currently cost 510 euros in total meaning 170 euros monthly. From the 4th to the 6th month, the MyMuBelly method costs 360 euros in total so equal to 120 euros monthly. If you have any reason to continue with the subscription, then every new month will cost you 100 euros. The company is ready to compensate your costs if you have not succeeded to get a baby which means it is a risk-free method.

The PH monitoring is a preference for a girl, for example, however, it is not the only one. A dietary program is also important as well as food supplements and cycle monitoring. But you should not underestimate the power of personalized instructions and suggestions that you get via online chat and text messages. They will help your dreams come true, and you can finally choose the gender of your future baby with the confidence.