Effects of Treatment with Etizolam

Etizolam is one of the components in the family of Chlorophenyl. It is one of the drugs that are used in the field of scientific research and forensic science. It is one of the drugs that are still under clinical research and it is not to be intended for human usage under any circumstance. The drug is now available as a research medicine in a number of areas. Even though the ring structure of Etizolam is similar to that of benxodiazepine, it is considered to be unique from its structure in a number of aspects in terms of its clinical properties and the physical structure. The main effect of Etizolam in the body in amnesic. It is one of the drugs that are rarely prescribed in the variety of sedatives. It is one of the best known drugs for skeletal muscle relaxation and there are a number of ways it is being useful in this aspect.


As the drug is not one of the most commonly used amnesic or sedative, the side effects of the drug are not at all studied. When analyzing about the features of the chemical structure and also the physical properties, one of the most common type of side effect that is associated with Etizolam is that it will result in some kind of skin lesions in the over dosage and the long term effects are Blepharospasms. Depending on the tolerance and the dependency, there will be some more effects may happen to people who are taking them for a long period of time.