English Football is ‘boring’, Says Guardiola’s Father

Only days after official confirmation that Pep Guardiola will become the new manager of Manchester City at the end of the season, his father spoke out about his lack of enthusiasm for English-style football, drawing ire from some UK fans in the process.



Describing English football as consisting of “a lot of long balls and running”, Valenti Guardiola, 84, instead prefers the style that his son practises and hopes that he can bring a similar style of play and a similar level of level of finesse to the table when he starts work as manager of City.

Favouring an aggressive, unpredictable style of play, Guardiola has previously managed both Barcelona B and the club’s main team. He currently manages Bayern Munich, which he intends to leave for Manchester City once his contract is over.


There has been some discussion amongst fans and the sporting press about whether the announcement will expedite his departure, with the looming spectre of a tough game ahead against Juventus, and others, leaving some worried that his mind may already be preoccupied and that he may be sacked before his contract expires.

Despite some inevitable but minor disagreements between father and son regarding football, Valenti remains confident in Pep’s style of play and coaching. This confidence is still shared by many Bayern Munich fans, organisation members and players themselves, especially after an extended period of great success. This success notably includes incurring just one loss during last year’s Champions League group stage to Arsenal – Bayern’s first loss in any competition during the 2015-2016 season.

Comments such as Valenti’s are not uncommon; however, they still give many coaches of all levels pause for thought − or even reason to worry. With styles of play being so easy to typify and therefore study, it is not surprising that so many are constantly looking for new ways to challenge their players. This in turn has given rise to a greater demand than ever for supplementary and training materials, such as soccer drills and other resources to help to communicate new ideas about tactics and formations in a number of different ways.

Fans and detractors alike are already anticipating what changes Guardiola will bring to Manchester City as manager, but only time will tell.