How to Choose the Best Shampoo and Be Sure to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Around 150 million people in the US used some drug at least once in their lifetime. That is almost half of the population. This is why having drug tests on your workplace that you must pass is complete nonsense. The employers, however, are still forcing this idea. See some drug facts here.

If you want to get a new job you’ll probably also need to do some of the drug tests. Today, probably the most popular among them is the follicle test. It is able to detect drug use in the past 90 days and that’s why employers love it. Unlike the urine method that only tracks down drug use in the past 30 days, the follicle option keeps the narcotic leftovers for 3 times longer.

If you’re about to do this test, you must know how to deal with the problem. The most important ingredient is a detox shampoo. You’ll find lots of them on the market but there is one important difference between them. Read on and learn more about this!

Aloe Rid Old Formula

This is the most important shampoo and you must get it. It’s proven that this is the only solution that works in washing your hair before the test. It cleans every toxin and gets rid of the drug substances with maximum efficiency.

What’s important about this is that there’s a special instruction manual you need to follow in order to have maximum effect. The most important things are that you must wash up to 4 times a day with it and do this during a 10-day period before you’re completely clean. Jump on the highlight if you want more shampoo for drug test resources.

Even though it says that washing just with it is enough, a lot of people are combining this with other products. If you’re taking drugs regularly, you have to quit for around two weeks until you’re cleaned, but once you pass the test you can get back to your habits again. If you use the shampoo daily, there’s only a minor chance to be caught by another sudden examination.

Every other shampoo

You’ll find detox shampoos claiming to be helpful but this is simply false. You’ll recognize them for being at least 3 times more affordable than the first choice we mentioned. The proof for this are the countless online reviews claiming they don’t work.

However, the truth is not so black and white. These shampoos are meant to be used just before the examination moment and they do affect your hair. The only problem is that not every hair type is open to them. Still, using them in a combination with the previous shampoo we mentioned can make a huge difference.

Combining using Macujo method

The macujo or maccujo method is a step-by-step washing with several solutions that are proven to work. You need 4 different formulas – Aloe Rid Old Formula, vinegar, Pink Clean and Clear, and Tide detergent.

There’s a strict rule about what goes first on your hair and how to do it. First, you need to wet your hair a little and wash with the vinegar thoroughly. It needs to get inside your scalp so make sure you rub it good. Then add the pink clean and clear which actually an acne product and is great with treating the skin. Leave it this way under a plastic shower cap for about 30 minutes so the skin can become relaxed and pores open.

Then it’s time for the real stuff. The detox shampoo is the solution with which you’re supposed to wash what you already have on your head. Do it well, get to the bottom of it and make sure no inch is left without it. See here how to properly rinse:

When this is done it’s time for the final move. The detergent. Place a few drops on your head and place it over the head. Use it just like a regular shampoo just make sure it doesn’t get in your eye. The detergent is a strong chemical and will definitely damage your hair, but consider this a good thing because the more damaged your hair is, the bigger chances you have to pass.


The only solution for this problem is rinsing your hair with detox shampoos meant for this occasion. There’s absolutely no other way. Some people think that by cutting their hair they’ll be able to trick the doctors and they’ll have no samples to collect.

But, think about it, if you cut it just prior to the examination, everyone will know that you’re hiding something. That’s why it isn’t smart to do this move. You’ll probably get fired without even trying to prove you’re clean.

Follow the advice written above and wash your hair with the products as we described. If you do everything the right way, chances you’ll pass are 99,9%.