How to Use British Dragon Oral Anavar 50 Mg Tabs

The Oral Anavar drug is an anabolic mild steroid that is used by individuals to help them gain weight. Previously, these drugs were used for treating infertility and some types of Anemia. Today, it is a popular steroid among many athletes and body builders. The reason for its popularity is that this drug does not convert into estrogen and with it, the water retention is less.

Also known as Oxandrolone, this drug helps in improving strength and energy as it stimulates phosphocreatine synthesis within muscle tissue. It is ideal for cutting cycles.


How to take Oral Anavar?

There are various uses of this drug. This drug is in a tablet form.

  • When used in helping people gain weight, take 2.5 – 20 mg per day for adults
  • To treat people from Anemia, take 2.5 – 20 mg per day for adults
  • Oral Anavar 20 mg to be used for individuals requiring larger dose
  • It can also be used 30-150 mg per day
  • Those who need to use the drug undergo therapy
  • Therapy lasts for at least 3 weeks and can go up to 6 weeks

There are correct and incorrect ways to take this Anavar drug. Men and Women have separate cycles. Again, men’s cycle has two separate cycles; First Cycle and Second Cycle.

Men’s Cycle (First)

Week Anavar
Week 1 50mg
Week 2 50mg
Week 3 50mg
Week 4 50mg
Week 5 50mg
Week 6 50mg

Men’s Cycle (Second)

Week Anavar
Week 1 80mg
Week 2 80mg
Week 3 80mg
Week 4 80mg
Week 5 80mg
Week 6 80mg

Women’s Cycle

Week Anavar
Week 1 20mg
Week 2 20mg
Week 3 20mg
Week 4 20mg
Week 5 20mg
Week 6 20mg

Many body builders and athletes prefer this drug to other drugs. This drug is popular amongst women body builders more. This is because of its lack of virilization. The main side effects of other steroids for women were mostly virilization that is deepening of voice, acne and excess hair growth. But, given that these drugs do not show such side effects, it is most preferred.

This drug is also not free from any side effects, and some of it being nausea, vomiting, discomfort and diarrhea, when used in smaller amount. In case of abuse of drug, in larger quantities side effects such as Jaundice, liver disease, breast enlargement, stomach cramps and menstrual irregularities can also be found. So, make sure to use the drug in the right amount.