Is Hoarding a Sickness? and How to Recover from It?

Hoarding is the act of collecting different things or possessions and having difficulty parting or throwing them away no matter what their values are. It could start as a hobby, or it could pass down from family member to another. Regardless, it often presents deleterious effects in different aspects such as emotional, social, physical and financial. It often causes problems not just for the hoarder but also to family members.

Is Hoarding a Sickness?

Hoarding is considered a disorder. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, hoarding is the inevitable need to save items and acquire more. Most of the things collected are useless and may even be trash, but they have the urge to keep everything. More often than not, hoarders do not just find it difficult to get rid of anything, but they are also having difficulty organizing anything. They start to see it challenging to function correctly, and they start having problems with relationships. They often associate this type of disorder with OCD, trauma, and anxiety.

How to Recover from Hoarding

Hoarder cleanup is often tricky not just for the hoarder but family members as well especially when it started years ago. In cases like this, for the safety of anyone involved, it is best to hire a cleanup service. On the other hand, if you are a hoarder wanting to recover or you know someone who needs to improve, it is possible.

Ask for Help

The first thing you need to do is seek the help of people dear to you. They could be your family members or friends. They could be anyone whom you trust. At times, it could be embarrassing or awkward to seek help but take the first step. It will get more comfortable along the way. People care about you, and most probably they already know the hoarding problem. They are just waiting for you to tell them. Confide the issue to someone you trust and be honest about it. Tell them you need help. Being honest about the situation is the best way for family members to help you out.

Seek the Assistance of a Professional

The next step you can do is to visit either a Psychologist or Psychiatrist for evaluation. This step is not to condemn you but for them to correctly diagnose your condition and advise you on how to recover, manage and stay out of hoarding properly. They are professionals who have years of studies and experience, so they know how to treat your symptoms and indeed help you recover.

Go Through Therapy

What one of the things professionals will recommend to you is getting therapy. It is needed so you can get to the bottom of the problem. Digging the roots is the best way to find out how to recover and permanently stop hoarding. It is through these therapy sessions where you can learn how to cope up, and they can also teach you how to replace hoarding with positive actions instead.

Take Medications

Depending on the diagnosis, they may recommend you to take medications. Following doctors’ orders is the best way to quickly and completely recover. These medications, combined with therapy will ensure that you get to feeling better.