Is Prenatal Genetic Testing in Toronto Necessary

The moment you find out you are pregnant your entire world shifts. Things that once seemed so vital and important suddenly become second thoughts. Your universe becomes focused on one thing – bringing a bright, beautiful, and healthy baby into the world.

You make changes in all aspects of your life and you begin to look at things like your home, your car, and even your diet through new, more discerning eyes. You worry about every little thing. This is where prenatal genetic testing can make a world of difference for you and your state of mind.

As you read through baby book after baby book looking for the answers to the universe and all things parenting, you will find an extensive list of maladies, illnesses, and sicknesses that can affect children. Some of them are genetic conditions. Something you can do nothing to guard against or protect your child from. Conditions that occur on a genetic level and mean you’ll need to make a certain amount of considerations and adjustments in order for your child to live a life that is as close to normal and happy as possible if he or she is born with one of these conditions.

That means you need to be prepared because you do want the best for your child. But, you don’t want to put your child at risk unnecessarily by conducting risky genetic testing procedures like the amniocentesis. That is where noninvasive prenatal genetic screening comes into play and provides you with surprisingly reliable results regarding whether or not further testing is warranted for a wide range of genetic conditions including:

  • Trisomy 21
  • Trisomy 18
  • Trisomy 13

These screenings are not intended to replace amniocentesis and other types of genetic screening for a definitive diagnosis of the condition. They are meant to serve to reduce the risks these tests create for your baby by eliminating the need for them in many instances.

Prenatal genetic testing in Toronto isn’t always done without cause and there are times when the riskier procedures are certainly necessary. One important thing about the NIPT screening process is that it can be performed a full five weeks before the earliest amnio can be completed. This means that you can take the NIPT, which poses no risk to your baby at all, and then decide if you feel an amnio is still necessary to provide peace of mind or if the screening indicates that the amnio is warranted.

You have a lot to worry about regarding the life that’s growing inside of you – and will continue to have plenty of concerns for all the days ahead of you. Give yourself the gift of prenatal genetic testing and the answers, not to mention peace of mind, they have to offer. It might seem like a lot to expect from a simple prenatal genetic screening, but the fact remains that these screenings represent a huge portion of the worry you’ll carry throughout your pregnancy regarding your baby’s health and safety.