The Anavar Vs. Winstrol Debacle: Which Suits You Better?

With the numerous steroid options out there, it’s easy to get lost. No one will provide you a comprehensive chart regarding the benefits of each one and what effects it might have on your body. And things just get more confusing the more you get to know the other options.

Trying out anything will not do as well. Misuse of these supplements can mean a lot of trouble. Pros and experts often encourage beginners to be careful about what they use and the specific dosage for these things. If not, this might just be the cause of health risks.

Before you try this out, it’s imperative to get your facts straight. First and foremost, there will be side effects and potential risks no matter which one you choose. So guided and proper use for each one is necessary. Secondly, using this will not guarantee the results. You need to pair it with a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

With that out of the way, it’s time to address the question of which is better, is it Anavar or is it Winstrol? Both of these supplements stand at the top of the long chain for steroid choices.

When you learn the differences, it is easier to decide what to use specifically or if it’s essential to just combine both for better results.


Milder. It’s considered as one of the safest supplement out there. Since it stresses on safety, you’ll never be worried about your liver taking the damage or taking difficulties with the side effects.

Female users prefer this. Virilization is the concern of most pro female athletes and supplement users. More often than not, the supplements will increase the chance of you developing male body characteristics, which is not ideal for women. Keeping a toned and lean appearance is what most athletes are aiming for. And Anavar is a perfect choice.

Weight loss. This supplement has the advantage in terms of weight loss when compared to Winstrol. In the cutting cycle of most bodybuilders, it’s imperative to lose as much fat as possible before putting on more muscle. In this area, Anavar works better.


Strength and muscle building. Winstrol’s advantage is providing muscle strength, which is imperative when lifting. The improvement and bulking of muscles don’t represent the strength. And without the strength to support the weights, it’ll be very difficult and dangerous to continue doing routines.

It’s injectable form. It’s available in tablet form and in injectable types. And one reason why most professionals prefer this is because they prefer the convenient injections compared to taking tablets. The injections have stronger dosages.

More suitable for stacking. It’s efficient to use Winstrol on its own. But there is more benefit and effects when the right supplements are paired together with it. It’s easier to stack Winstrol with the others and it’s more recommended for individuals who are using the stacking cycles.

Anavar and Winstrol are often compared. The effects are almost similar except for the little difference in the results.