The Quality of Synthetic Peptides Today

Peptide is considered as one of the fastest growing segments in the pharmaceutical market today. A lot of research is ongoing on their uses and many companies have ventured into the manufacture of synthetic peptides to meet the ever increasing demand for varieties in the industry. Currently, the generic versions of peptides represent only 35% of the industry’s total, with three out of the five most selling peptides being of the generic types.

Peptide manufacturers are continuously becoming aware of the need to manufacture synthetic peptides which are consistent in quality and markup. Countries are also keen to ensure that manufacturers within their jurisdictions adopt the best practices in the manufacture of synthetic peptides so that the populace can be guaranteed of quality whenever they are buying the peptides.

Just recently, Expert Panel on Therapeutic Peptides was established in the United States to deal with important issues relating to peptide quality standards and other countries such as Canada and Australia have also seen equivalent bodies constituted for same purposes.


It is encouraging to note that most of the global peptide manufacturers are keen on using the right tools which will guarantee the quality of their products as well as the raw materials used in the manufacture of the peptides. The manufacturers are also coming together to discuss quality related issues and participate in the creation of good quality peptide standards to ensure safety and sustenance of the industry.

As the landscapes on the manufacture of peptides continue to transform and peptide manufacturers continue to explore different angles of producing quality peptides, we can only expect that the peptide quality will get better and unscrupulous manufacturers will not have any room to sell their products in the market.

In the meantime, it is upon every individual to do due diligence on quality when buying peptides to ensure that they make the purchase from a reputable sellers or manufacturers.