What Should You Do Prior to Buying Methoxetamine from a Vendor

Research chemicals have been gaining popularity in the online realm. The introduction of various chemicals such as MPDV, Mephedrone, Methylone along with several other powders and pills have been making news in the current times. As a result, an array of websites selling these chemicals has been on the roll in the present times. In addition, the advent of latest legal drugs hitting the market such as Phenazepam, Methiopropamine, Methoxetamine and more have started to gain popularity in a short time. Consequently, there have been more spammers visible in the market than before. You have to be more careful to avoid any loss of money or acquiring any fake products.


How to check for scam products?

SoS should be your first priority when researching for new vendor. You should go through several customer reviews and numerical rating system based on invitation only membership.

Going through the product information

The availability of limitless information has been a boon in the present times. You could search for chemical name of Methoxetamine if you wish to purchase it online. The available product should match the information provided on the website of the vendor.

Going through the product information would help you ensure about the purity of the chemical used. You could also take note of how long the vendor has been keeping the stock with them. You could also make inquiries about the placing and storage of these chemicals.

Acquiring knowledge on packaging of the product

The best way would be to double bag the product. It would lessen the risk of your product emptied on to the floor with a slight cut on the packaging. A majority of vendors might not be following this golden rule of double packaging the product. However, double packaging would reduce any significant risk to the product along with not putting burden of extra cost on the vendor.

Contact the website

Presently, a number of websites have been providing their contact information along with their email address. You could contact them through email. Despite there being several exceptions to this rule, it stands to reason that a vendor might take several weeks for replying to your email. It would imply that their shipping timings could leave you frustrated.

Kinds of payment methods accepted

A majority of vendors would accept Western Union or Money Gram only. However, these payment methods do not cater you with any protection per se the product. In case of any dispute arising on the part of the vendor, nothing much could be done by these payment modes. On the other hand, payment modes such as PayPal, Bank Transfers and Credit Cards would offer you some respite in case the vendor has scammed.